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In Cyprus, the Greek Cypriots say Den Xechno. It means I don’t forget. They are referring to the Turkish invasion of 1974. It resulted in the division of the island with Greek Cypriots living on one side and Turkish Cypriots living on the other. Nicosia is the only divided capital city in Europe.

I don’t forget. I think about it a lot, especially as the 40th anniversary on July 20 this year edges nearer. It’s also the date of my 40th birthday. I was born in northern Cyprus in a village now occupied by Turkey. I haven’t lived in Cyprus since I was 3 months old. We left hoping to return to our homes once the troubles had eased, but what we thought was a temporary move to the UK ended up being permanent.

Some people who know me joke that I hate the Turks. I don’t hate the Turks…

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